Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Cult of Reason

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Welcome to the Cult of Reason. Now, reason has many definitions that are connected only loosely, but here it will generally refer to reason as used in rational empiricism. Rational empriricism in philosophy is a combination of two older forms, empiricism where only what can be sensed matters, and rationalism where the claim is that the world can be entirely derived from logic.

If you haven't been scared off by the short philosophy lecture, let me continue in a more conversational tone. This blog is about science and atheism, about civil rights and civil discourse. It will relate to the harm that come from faith, and the harm that come from treating any group as less than equal. I won't always be right and I will admit so when proven wrong. I hold no ideas sacred. Nothing is above critique and I think argument only makes the right ideas stronger.

I may be all over in the subjects of my entries. One post may be about religion, another about Copyright reform. In the same day I could talk about how software patents are one of many things hurting innovation in the United States and Japan,  and how even this or that civil rights group ignores another group for personal gain, like what happened with the Equal Rights Amendment. I make no promises to maintain a particular subject, or even a particular position, since as a rational human being I can change my mind when convinced to do so. 

My only unifying principle is the rejection of faith. Everything I believe must be supportable, justifiable. If something fails to meet those simple standards, I reject it until it does. I am not a cynic but a skeptic. Just like no idea is above critique, neither is any person. Authorities must meet the same standards as anyone else to be believed. 

A bit erratic, I know, but this is my blog, my cult, my personal church for the 'worship' of reason, as the religious might call it. Feel free to comment, to let me know I am wrong, but be prepared to defend yourself. Bring evidence to the table, show inconsistencies using logic, or go away. Ad hominems will be summarily ignored, claims of biblical 'evidence', regardless of what bible, will be ridiculed. Accusations of having an 'atheist religion' will be mocked, and cries of 'militant extremist ____' will be given a dictionary. Godwinning auto-loses any argument.

Don't be discouraged though. I don't need only praise and agreement. As I said, ideas that withstand argument are only stronger, and those that don't aren't worth clinging to.

Enjoy :D

Logic Priest


  1. If I give you $1 now, can I have 50% of your contributions as the first contributor when you become a wealthy cult?

    I have faith in you!

    The Harm on that comes from faith!