Friday, July 20, 2012

The US and Shootings

Another shooting in a red state. And once again, no politician will bring up gun control. The NRA lobby is so strong at this point no important politician would dare use an event like this to highlight the issues with deregulation of gun ownership. NRA pundits always point out that "criminals will always have guns" etc etc, to claim if everyone had guns then they could "defend themselves."

After the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, after the Vtech shooting, after more and more shootings with decreased gun control, shouldn't we talk about gun control? At least the type that makes it harder to get pistols and easily modded assault rifles?

The same NRA pundits will also blather about the second amendment, but like the first and the other few dozen amendments, they should only extend until they infringe on other's rights, such as the right to not be mowed down in a theatre, or school, or anywhere, really.

These same pundits will say "crazy people and criminals will still..." but they fail to notice the main point. That crazy person with a knife does far less damage than the one with an assault rifle.

Logic Priest


Crazy GOPer already whips out some "because atheists" and "more guns fixes guns." Sigh.

Another note: all the guns were bought legally in our current legal system. Woot.

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