Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bigotry is as Bigotry Does

The conservative movement in the US has become victims in their own minds. Somehow, while maintaining they are a majority, conservatives and Christians and the whole GOP claim they are being persecuted by some imaginary liberal media conspiracy and that criticism of their views constitutes a violation of their first amendment rights. It has even reached the point where they claim the people calling them bigots are bigots because they are "just standing behind firmly held religious beliefs" as if that makes a difference. Somehow, if you justify it with religion (well, Christianity) then it isn't bigotry and it is above reproach.

Ignoring the obvious misreading of the first amendment, which they somehow think means only they can say whatever they want, these bigots are just doing what conservatives do best: replacing reality with their own version. To them, reality really is opinion based. Their opinion, specifically. People like Mike Huckabee are trying to turn bigot into a dirty word, convincing otherwise moderate people to show up at packed fast food chicken joints to "show their support for free speech", which no one at any point violated. The CEO and owner of Chick fil'a said bigoted things and gives money to hate groups. As such, people called for boycotts of a bigot. Huckabee et al then claimed the REAL bigots are the ones who call people bigots, ignoring the insanity of such remarks. 

Well, they are correct that they can say bigoted things all day long. They are obviously just missing the point that the rest of us can call them bigots and assholes and stupid, under the exact same freedoms that allow them to be assholes. No one is stopping them. Unfortunately many people did show up for Huckabee's little chicken day, simply showing the world that they believe that a class of human beings are less than human and don't deserve happiness or civil rights. So, here below is a few groups of people who I hope learn the errors of their ways. They are on the wrong side of history, making the same arguments as the anti-interracial marriage group not so long ago. These people so hate gay people and getting called on their bullshit they sat outside a mediocre fast food restaurant for hours to eat a shitty chicken sandwich. 


Please do NOT harass employees. These are entry level fast food workers, to be judged on individual bases. Most are average people, and the same goes for the managers and corporate workers. While Cathy won't sell franchises to non conservative Christians, don't punish employees for an asshole boss. We have all had asshole bosses. Notice my pictures focus on the crowds of morons there to show pride in being bigots, not the random employees.

Logic Priest

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